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Junk Removal Service vs Dumpster Rental: What’s suits your project the Best?

Junk removal service vs dumpster rental service… which is the better waste disposal option for you?

Before you can make a decision between hauling and dumpster service, let’s start from square one.

Here’s the deal…

After you’ve completed a home project, whether it be a home remodel, estate clean out or home declutter, the last order of business is always dealing with the waste collected.

Let’s consider home projects and their associated waste; a home remodel would collect a lot of construction debris, the introduction of new furniture and appliances would require furniture and appliance removal and an estate clean out would have a combination of the two.


So, What Are Your Waste Disposal Options?

Well, there are a few methods to dispose of your waste.

You could load up the SUV or pickup truck and make multiple trips to the local landfill.

However, is hauling garbage back and forth from the dumping site the way you’d like to spend a beautiful weekend afternoon?

We assume this is not you idea of an enjoyable afternoon, if were right than your options are narrowed; renting a dumpster or hiring a junk removal service.


What is a Junk Removal Service?

A junk removal service is hired labor that comes to your home to haul away furniture, construction debris and other unwanted items.

In many cases, an employee or owner of the company you are interested in hiring will come to your home to estimate the cost of your removal project.

Then, typically, two employees of the local company you end up hiring will come to your home and remove the junk you wish to have taken away and load it into the back of their dump truck, cubed van or pickup truck.

Most of these companies are charging you based on the volume your unwanted items occupy in their vehicle & weight.


What is a Dumpster Service?

A dumpster service is the placement of a dumpster rental homeowners and/or contractors will fill up with waste and construction debris to be removed and dumped by the supplier at a later time.

Your local supplier will deliver the trash container at your preferred date/time and drop the bin on your driveway with the use of a hook-lift or roll of truck.

Once the dumpster rental is on your driveway, you will discard your unwanted items by either throwing them over the side panel or by walking the items into the walk-in double doors (if your supplier has that option).

The typical dumpster rental period ranges from 3-10 days and when you’ve filled your trash container, you’ll call your supplier back and have the bin picked up.


Here’s Why You’d Rent a Dumpster For Your Waste Disposal

In most instances…

If you’re comparing a completely filled dumpster to a completely filled junk removal vehicle, you’ll pay less for the bin.

Renting a dumpster is a longer process than junk removal; you’re provided the aforementioned 3-10 days. The additional time means you can rummage through the house and discard the junk from the entire home.

Also, some feel junk removal as an evasive process with individuals coming in and essentially rummaging through your home. The interaction when you rent a dumpster is simpler, they drop the bin off on your driveway, you fill it up and they come to pick it up and dump it for you when you’re finished.

Waste More Associated With Dumpster Rentals

If you’re intending on getting rid of any of the following items, you’re better opting for renting a dumpster:

  • Construction debris (lumber off-cuts, drywall, metal studs, etc.)

  • Household waste (small furniture, unwanted kids’ belongings, etc.)

  • Yard debris removal

  • Roofing debris


Why You’d Hire A Junk Removal Company

You’d be inclined to choose a junk and debris removal company if you want the waste disposal and haul away service to be completely hands free. The only physicality involved would be to point out to the company the junk you’d like to have removed and possibly centralizing your junk for a faster and more efficient removal.

Also, if you want the waste disposal to be as quick as possible, you’d more likely opt for this service as it’s a disposal method that takes a couple hours rather than a couple days as a trash container rental would.

Finally, if you’re worried about driveway scratched from the dumpster rental, you may opt for this service because they won’t be placing down a container like a dumpster rental company will. Instead, the labor will place all your unwanted items into the back of their vehicle to transport to the local landfill.

That said, this issue is mitigated if your local dumpster provider does supply driveway protection.


Waste More Associated With Junk Removal

Bulkier items and these other scenarios will typically lend themselves more to hiring a trash removal company near you:

  • Carpet removal

  • Couch removal and other furniture disposal

  • Appliance removal


Items You Won’t Dispose With Either Disposal Method

When utilizing a junk and debris removal company or renting a bin, there will be certain items you won’t be able to dispose of with either method. Specifically, if you have hazardous waste or bio-hazardous waste, you need to research municipal options to dispose of this waste correctly.


Cost of Renting A Dumpster

How much it costs to rent a dumpster for a day, week, month or more depends on several factors.

Primarily, your location in the country and your landfill’s dumping costs will play the biggest factor in what the cost will be for your dumpster rental.

Other factors to consider when you’re thinking of renting a bin include:

  1. How long you need the container for – you’ll pay additional fees if your rental exceeds the number of allotted days provided.

  2. The items you plan to dispose of – you’ll pay additional fees for e-waste, mattress disposal, yard waste.

  3. Where in proximity you are from your local supplier – if they are travelling further out to service you, you can bet they are adding a fee on top of your rental (fuel surcharges, mileage, etc)

In the majority of instances, because you’re not paying for labor, the dumpster rental will charge less than the junk removal option. This is something to consider when deciding between affordable hauling and dumpster service.

On average, across the country, most people that intend on renting a dumpster should budget $400-500 for the rental (this would include your delivery, pickup and allotted days).


How Much Does Junk Removal Cost?

While there could be variances between junk removal companies, majority of these companies junk pricing can start as low as $99 (maybe you only have a handful of stamps to get rid of?) and in most situations will exceed $500. You may incur additional fees if you have dangerous or cumbersome items to haul away. The average cost for junk removal is $395 (about a half truck full).


Dumpster Rentals and Junk Removal Near Me

If you feel like you know which waste disposal option you want to opt for, now is the time to go search the best option. If you believe renting a dumpster or junk removal service is your best course of action, we hope you allow us to provide you our top notch customer service experience.

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