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C&M Carting Solutions Participated In Our 2023 Annual Earth Week Clean Up Cornwall Event

About Clean Up Cornwall

Cornwall, CT, is special. With its lush green landscapes, charming covered bridges, and serene river settings, it’s a slice of paradise that captures the iconic beauty of New England. We love it so much that we wish it stays like that forever. That’s why, every year, we spend a whole week making It even more beautiful. It’s a time when everyone in the community comes together. We roll up our sleeves to pick up trash and make sure things that can be recycled don’t end up in the landfill. It’s all part of Earth Week in April, but it’s not just about cleaning up. Our town promises to care for the planet and keep our environment safe and clean.

That’s where Clean Up Cornwall comes in. It’s our town-wide effort to hold onto that charm by clearing away the clutter and sprucing up our surroundings. Like a team, neighbors, friends, and families unite to clear litter from our parks and streets and tidy our natural areas. It’s our way of showing love for our little slice of paradise, ensuring that Cornwall remains not only beautiful but also a healthy place for all of us.

How C&M Carting Solutions Participated In Clean Up Cornwall 2023

C&M Carting Solutions didn’t just watch from the sidelines – we jumped right in! Donating trucks, a dumpster trailer, safety vests, and cleaning kits, we were geared to make a difference. Together, we picked up litter, laughed, and loaded heaps of trash. By the day’s end, the piles of litter were gone, recycled, or disposed of responsibly. It was a day of hard work, community spirit, and looking forward to making Cornwall cleaner.

Clean Up Cornwall Image Gallery

Take a peek at some snapshots from our community cleanup effort!

Committed To Helping Our Litchfield County Communities

Our roots run deep in Litchfield County. C&M Carting Solutions is not just about junk removal services in Cornwall, CT; it’s about loving our community and keeping it clean and attractive. We take pride in offering services that help maintain this beauty, and as a token of our commitment, we provide discounts to honor those who serve our community.

Have An Upcoming Cleanup Event In The Litchfield Area? Tell us About It. 

Contact us if you have a local community cleanup event planned or any other community event that you need help with in West Cornwall and Litchfield County, CT. We love helping our community in any way we can. 

As a local junk removal and dumpster rental service, we have the team, equipment, and expertise to ensure your community cleanup event goes smoothly and the items you collect are disposed of sustainably, donating and recycling everything possible.


About C&M Carting Solutions

Founded in 2022, C&M Carting Solutions is a local, family-owned junk hauling business. We began with a dream to spend more time with family and contribute to our community’s well-being. Based in West Cornwall, CT, we understand the unique needs of our community and dedicate ourselves to offering personalized junk removal services. Our name reminds us daily of our commitment to hard work and customer satisfaction. Whether it’s a yard cleanup or trash removal, we ensure Litchfield County stays clean and green.

Contact us for specifics on our services, pricing, and guarantees. We can’t take hazardous materials, but we’re equipped and ready to assist you with everything else.


Cornwall Earth Day Events

Collaborating with our Parks & Recreation Department to make Cornwall’s Earth Week community cleanup event a smashing success was a privilege. For more information on the event, how we contributed, and upcoming events, check out Cornwall Park & Recreation’s website and Facebook event page. You can also follow us on Facebook to learn about upcoming events in the Litchfield area and see what we’re up to. 


For more details on C&M Carting Solutions and how we help clean up Cornwall, CT, visit our home or contact us. Learn about yard waste removal in the area at our page on how to get rid of yard waste and explore the services we offer.